“I am a coaching resistant person myself, but Kristan has changed this for me.  Instead of getting caught in the negative rabbit holes we all have in our brains, Kristan uses the coaching time to organize our thought, see the bigger picture of our lives, and recognize the deeper patterning needed.  Her brilliance with words to name and identify and find a proper place for each thought is one of her gifts.  All of this with unconditional love and clarity.  I highly recommend Kristan for individual goal processing work, and for group work.  I have sent friends and patients to her who are all endlessly happy with the recommendation..” - Dr. Rachel West, D.O.


“Commitment, Passion, Presence and Brilliance are the first words that come to mind when thinking about Kristan. We have known one another for over twelve years in multiple capacities. For many years, I was her psychotherapy supervisor and later, a colleague but most importantly we have been dear friends. I could recommend her but that’s not quite enough. I would like you to meet her. Because when you do, you will know immediately that she is someone that you can trust with your tender heart. She is someone who will listen to you with deep compassion and a clear, inquisitive mind. If you are lost in a dark internal forest, Kristan will bring a bright lantern and wise counsel. and one of her greatest attributes is helping women reconnect with their soulful purpose. She is a leader who creates other leaders by helping women remember and recover their deepest truths, their authentic voice and the power and potency to change the world.” - Steve Hasenberg, MA, MFT


“I was conflicted with facing the next chapter in my life when I was fortuitously referred to Kristan as the professional in the field of women's leadership. Mine was a question of whether to graduate from a long career with an amazing company that feels like family or explore the unknown and find out who I could become outside of my secure profession. Kristan's  methodology and unique, caring process is not only inspiring, it is highly effective. Very quickly,  her "magic"  guides you to truly examine, vet out your soul and arrive at a place of deep understanding that provides you with the tools and direction to the answers you seek. BTW, I am retiring! I don't yet know what exactly it will look like but I am no longer afraid. Kristan has shown me how to navigate that as well.” - Sandy Banks


“We all get trapped, periodically, in our own familiar loops, forgetting our strengths and successes. The fastest way out is with the loving support of a knowing Guide, one with empathy and talent for seeing our "highest selves," our uniqueness. Kristan is a deep listener, a loving, compassionate guide who makes the journey from "stuck" to "flow" a celebration. I've experienced her gifts in both 1:1 and group settings, she's a master!” - Ruth Luban