At the age of 22 Kristan stepped away from a budding career in documentary filmmaking to join her father in launching a nutritional wellness company. Despite the fact that she had zero interest in business, marketing, or making money for that matter, when he asked her, “How would you like to learn how to turn the invisible into the visible,” he had her. Coupled with the fact that she hadn’t grown up with her dad, she was utterly compelled to learn the elusive art of making a vision manifest. Over the next six years they built a business out of his backyard that grew to over $300 million in worldwide sales. It was an incredible journey that equipped her with skills and lessons to serve a lifetime. But there came a point when she could no longer tolerate the gap between her own vision and values and this work that was rewarding but increasingly empty. The only thing standing in her way? Courage. It was easy to serve someone else’s god but way harder to find her own and bring the steady, faithful determination it takes to unfold one’s own dream.

Over the next several years, Kristan became a psychotherapist and a mother. She co-produced three TEDxWomen events, and launched a women’s leadership consultancy with her dear friend, Dana Childers. Together they have helped hundreds of women become successful, authentic & courageous leaders. Eventually, this led them to co-found The Guilde, a women’s leadership lab and collective.

Kristan combines her vast life experience, training and passion to create dynamic shifts in people and cultures that create high performance and thriving from the inside out.

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